Preparation for break-out groups

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Dear all,

Thank you for suggesting break-out groups or do-a-thons for the upcoming workshop at #iiasa this week. @christian.hofmann pointed out to me that the overview page Vienna 2023 workshop • Break‑out groups and do‑a‑thons had a note (now removed) that a break-out session should last for 50 minutes. My mistake, I should have clarified this earlier…

Please do the following:

  • take a look at the capacity-building sessions on Wednesday and the other proposed break-out groups to see if there are overlaps with your ideas
  • prepare a three-minute intro to your proposed session including an agenda, expected outcome, and an estimated duration
  • in the “market place” session on Thursday, you can present your ideas to the workshop attendees and we will collect expressions of interest from the audience which sessions they want to attend
  • we will then compile an agenda and assign rooms for the break-out groups - depending on the estimated duration, some sessions may use both slots while others may be only before/after the coffee break…

See you all on Wednesday or Thursday,


Thank you for this reaction @danielhuppmann . I like your described procedure.

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Thanks Daniel, we estimate 2 hours for our sufficiency scenario break-out group and it would be great if it could take place at a different slot than “energy modelling & critical thinking” as we would like to take part there as well.