Vienna 2023 workshop • Break‑out groups and do‑a‑thons

This topic (effectively this page) is to collect and later rank and filter break‑out groups and do‑a‑thons for the 16th openmod workshop scheduled for 22–24 March 2023.

The vienna-2023 tag lists all topics relevant to this event.

A break‑out group often, but not necessarily, creates a dedicated do‑a‑thon.


Breakout groups should put the focus on getting things done. This is one of the central parts of the workshop and so we want to make sure everyone gets the most out of it. Hackathons, write-a-thons, or document-a-thons, are obvious examples of do-a-thons. But why not a teach-a-thon? If you were thinking of giving a talk, but don’t want to present it as a poster, perhaps you could turn it into an interactive discuss-a-thon to take your ideas and jointly develop them further? How about drafting a position paper? How about a rough prototype for a tool? How about polishing and redistributing a certain dataset? Make it interactive, make it worthwhile, make it effective.

Multiple presenters are supported.

Examples from Zürich workshop five years ago can be found using this dual tag search.


Please create a dedicated topic (new page) for each proposal. That will allow some discussions before finalization. And add the following template to the top of that posting by simply copy/pasting the markdown, noting that you will need to remove the triple apostrophes that get copied across too.

- genre: break‑out‑group
- title: **Group title**
- presenter: @handle
- background: Some additional background or context.
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Please do not place your suggestion here as a post — instead create a dedicated topic.

And add the following tags to your new topic:

You can search on both tags using (URL created with the advanced search feature):

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Please also see the Breakout-Group filter:

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