Workshop April 2023 @ IIASA (Vienna/Laxenburg)

The Energy, Climate and Environment program (ECE) at IIASA in Vienna/Laxenburg would be happy to host an in-person openmod workshop in 2023, ideally between Easter (April 9) and the European Geosciences Union (EGU, 23-28 April).

We would like to hold this event back-to-back with a capacity-building/training workshop to be conducted within the European Climate and Energy Modelling Forum (ECEMF,

We reached out to colleagues in Freiburg, who offered (pre-pandemic) to host the next openmod workshop, and they would be happy to pass the baton to IIASA.


Hello Daniel,
as 2023 is approaching quickly - do you have any further information on the status of organisation of the meeting?

Hi Berit, we have been discussing internally about possible dates, and we are currently looking at April 19-21 as the best options, with a capacity-building session on Wednesday (supported by the H2020 project ECEMF) and two days of workshop sessions.

I’ll also send an email to the community mailing list to ask if there are any scheduling conflicts.


Hi Daniel, thanks for organising and taking over after such a long time without a real openmod meeting. Since you are asking about conflicting dates, the two days mentioned are already blocked for all RLI scientists.
As with all Openmod meetings before, I suggest doing a proper vote on the date and asking for interest right now.
Alternative options could be e.g.:

  • 19.-20.04
  • 26.-27.04
  • 3.-5.05
  • 25.-26.5

We currently have more than 8 open-science projects and represent the collaborative initiatives around oemof, the Open Energy Family and the Open Energy Ontology. It would be a pity to not be able to present and discuss these completely open developments.

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Given that @ludwig.huelk and all RLI colleagues are unavailable on the suggested date, I created a nuudel-doodle with alternative dates at Umfrage - openmod Workshop spring 2023 @ IIASA - nuudel. Please add your preferences and availability until Wednesday, Nov 16 (COB).

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“COB” is close of business — meaning, I guess, sometime around 18:00 CET.

In the survey, there is basically a draw between two options, and given that no RLI staff (and hence the open-energy-family) could attend in April, we decided to go for the March option.

New dates: March 22-24, 2023 (Wednesday-Friday)


Thanks for the final date!
Who joined for the planning? Will you do the call for Do-Athons, Workshops, Techtalks,… etc.? or even a call for support?
Is there already a rough schedule?
all the best


@danielhuppmann : is there any other channel for the planning? I can’t find it. Did you already start with the calls etc.?
Best Berit


For future reference: Registration & scheduling is in progress. Several new pages were set up by @robbie.morrison for registration and proposals of talks, posters and do-a-thons. See the tag #vienna-2023 for all relevant pages/topics.

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