Vienna 2023 workshop • YouTubes

Here are the title slides for the workshop videos. The associated MP4 files are now being uploaded to the openmod YouTube channel as each presenter signs‑off their particular recording:

Note too that each video has a unique reference running T02–T09 for the main sessions and Z01–Z19 for the lightning talks — with some gaps in these sequences where the scheduled event either did not run or did not merit publication on YouTube. The keynote by the US Energy Information Administration was intentionally not recorded at the request of that organization.

The workshop agenda can be found here:

Please ask me if you would like a copy of the raw footage.

My appreciation to the IIASA interns who managed the recording processes during the event.

Main sessions

Capacity building session: Participating in ECEMF — how to join the model comparison exercise to build a more robust evidence base

Capacity building session: Are your results consistent? Comparing the results from an IAM and a sectoral model

  • talk reference : T03
  • YouTube :
  • duration : 01:48:45
  • presenter : Sara Lumbreras, Andres Ramos, Luis Olmos
  • organization : European Climate and Energy Modelling Forum
  • keywords : integrated assessment model

Capacity building session: The pyam package for scenario analysis and data visualization

Capacity building session: IIASA’s open‑science strategy

Keynote: Achievements and challenges of the openmod community

Logistics: Closing plenary

Capacity building session: Publishing open, annotated, and FAIR data with the OEFamily

Lightning talks

Lightning talk: FAME: open Framework for distributed Agent-based Modelling of Energy systems

Lightning talk: eGon: Open and cross-sectoral planning of transmission and distribution grids

Lightning talk: Unlocking the potential of open energy data and open source modeling for African governments: from ideas to impacts

Lightning talk: Jupyter notebooks as intermediary objects for energy modelling

Hodencq, Sacha, Benoit Delinchant, and Wurtz Frederic (2021). Open and reproducible use cases for energy (ORUCE) methodology in systems design and operation: a dwelling photovoltaic self-consumption example. Bruges, Belgium: Building Simulation 2021. hal-03341883.

Lightning talk: Sufficiency in modelling

Lightning talk: Modelling approach for a just and sufficient transition in the building sector

Lightning talk: Generating synthetic flexibility data using

  • talk reference : Z08
  • duration : 00:04:50
  • presenter : Noah Pflugradt • @npflugradt
  • status : awaiting presenter approval
  • keywords : demand simulation

Lightning talk: MUESSLI: MultiEnergy System Smartlinking Integration

Lightning talk: The RAMP project for demand simulation. A bottom-up multi‑institution co‑development effort

Lightning talk: Current and planned developments of the Open Energy Family and OEP

Lightning talk: AMIRIS: open agent-based electricity market model

Lightning talk: Impact of gas and electricity prices on residential and tertiary heat production strategies for a national territory

Lightning talk: SLiCE: An open model for scalable high‑definition life cycle assessment of buildings

Röck, Martin, Elena Baldereschi, Evelien Verellen, Alexander Passer, Serenella Sala, and Karen Allacker (1 November 2021). “Environmental modelling of building stocks – An integrated review of life cycle-based assessment models to support EU policy making”. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 151: 111550. ISSN 1364-0321. doi:10.1016/j.rser.2021.111550.

Lightning talk: Implementing Open Science practices in Climate Compatible Growth

Lightning talk: Calliope v0.7.0

Lightning talk: Linopy: boost your optimization in Python

Tech note

PNG titles generated programmatically using Python, CSV, pandas, HTML, CSS, wkhtmltoimage. Video editing undertaken using LosslessCut (very useful) and Kdenlive (a joy to use) on Ubuntu.