Vienna 2023 workshop • Four minute lightning talks

This topic (effectively this page) is to collect and later rank and filter lightning talks for the 16th openmod workshop scheduled for 22–24 March 2023.

The vienna-2023 tag lists all topics relevant to this event.

Each lightning talk presenter is allocated 4 minutes.


Lightning talks are designed for you to share something you think others in the community should know about. For example, you could spread the love for some tool, library, or unknown but valuable feature of a library; you could keep everyone updated with developments in open science; or share a success story where open science made an impact.

If you want to showcase your own model, data, or research more specifically, consider offering a poster for the poster session instead.

Examples from Zürich workshop five years ago can be found here.

Edit rights

Initially, anyone can edit the wiki‑posting below.

Once registrations close, you will need to have registered for the event and be a member of the Vienna 2023 participants group to edit. This is simply to reduce the opportunities for unsolicited abuse.


Please use the following markdown as a template to add for your submission to the wiki‑post below. Simply copy/paste the markdown:

- genre: lightning‑talk
- title: **Lightning talk title**
- presenter: @handle
- background: Some additional background or context.

  • genre: lightning‑talk
  • title: Lightning talk title
  • presenter: @handle
  • background: Some additional background or context.