Online participation in the openmod workshop capacity-building sessions

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Hi openmods,

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It’s only two weeks to the in-person openmod workshop hosted by the Energy, Climate and Environment program (ECE) at IIASA in Vienna/Laxenburg

Day zero of the meeting (Wednesday, March 22) will be dedicated to capacity-building sessions and tutorials.


Wednesday, March 22


a) “Participating in ECEMF - how to join the model comparison exercise to build a more robust evidence base”, led by Will Usher @willu47 (KTH)

b) “The MESSAGEix Integrated Assessment Modeling Framework”, led by Adriano Vinca and Paul Kishimoto (IIASA)


a) "Are your results consistent? Comparing the results from an IAM and a sectoral model”, led by Sara Lumbreras, Andres Ramos, and Luis Olmos (Comillas)

b) “Publishing open, annotated and FAIR data with the OEFamily”, led by Ludwig Hülk @ludwig.huelk (RLI)


a) “The pyam package for scenario analysis & data visualization”, led by Philip Hackstock @phackstock (IIASA)

b) to be decided


If you want to virtually join these capacity-building sessions or the plenary sessions of the workshop, please register at Microsoft Forms

In the meantime… who is interested to host the next in-person openmod workshop? Hope that we will have some expressions of interest at the closing plenary of the workshop!

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