List of Lightning Talks // Zürich workshop

This topic serves as a updatable list of lightning talk proposals for the openmod workshop in Zürich. Want to propose a lightning talk? Simply edit this post and add your name and title. Please make sure your proposal fits the format proposed in the call for participation:

What: We are planning one session of lightning talks (max. 4 minutes) for you to share something you think others in the community should know about. For example, you could spread the love for some tool, library, or unknown but valuable feature of a library; you could keep everyone updated with developments in open science; or share a success story where open science made an impact.

Important: These talks will be strictly limited to four minutes. If you want to showcase your own model, data, or research, please participate at the poster session instead.

The following talks have been proposed:

  • Martin Robinius: “Overview of developed open source tools within the ES2050 project”(slides)

  • Daniel Huppmann: “pyam - an open-source Python package for IAM scenario analysis and visualization” (repository, lightning talk slides (pdf, 719.8 KB), pyam tutorial slides)

  • Tim Kittel “DPSA.jl – An OS library for dynamic power grid analysis using Julia”

  • Kostas Kavvadias: enlopy - an open source python library to generate, process, analyze, and plot energy related timeseries’

  • Robbie Morrison: Should the openmod community favor a particular open data license?

  • Tim Tröndle: TL;DR – Navigating the command line for the rest of us.

  • Wolf-Dieter Bunke: Open source tools for cross-voltage-level electricity grid optimization developed in the open_eGo project

  • Ahmad Ziade, Martin Klein: “Prosumer Policy - Introducing an open source Python tool to evaluate the regulation of PV-battery systems”

  • Berit Müller: “improve scenario representations or even facilitate collaborative scenario development - the REEEM Browser”

  • Birgit Schachler: Open data and open-source tools for generation of feed-in time series of renewables used and developed in the open_FRED project

  • Tim Tröndle: openmod workshop utilities

Any discussion of the general format of lightning talks should be done in the call for participation. If you wish to discuss possible proposals, feel free to do so by replying to this topic.

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