Call for participation // Zürich workshop

The openmod workshop is interactive and organised bottom-up through everybody’s contributions. Here are three ways in which you can contribute:

  • bring a poster to communicate your research, model, or data;
  • give a lightning talk to teach others about an interesting tool, method or workflow, or to share an update about new developments in open science more broadly;
  • propose and help organise a do-a-thon for us to work on together during the workshop.


What: There will be a poster session where you can present your research, model, or data. This is going to be an interactive version of the talks earlier openmod workshops had seen and will allow us to share recent methods and research in a more effective manner.

How: If you will bring a poster, send us a private message (or email) to Stefan and Tim with the poster title by April 27 (we need to know how many posterboards are needed).

Lightning talks

What: We are planning one session of lightning talks (max. 4 minutes) for you to share something you think others in the community should know about. For example, you could spread the love for some tool, library, or unknown but valuable feature of a library; you could keep everyone updated with developments in open science; or share a success story where open science made an impact.

Important: These talks will be strictly limited to four minutes. If you want to showcase your own model, data, or research, please participate at the poster session instead.

How: Propose your lightning talk in the lightning talk discourse topic.


What: Breakout groups are no more, as we want to put the focus on getting things done. This is one of the central parts of the workshop and so we want to make sure everyone gets the most out of it. Hackathons, write-a-thons, or document-a-thons, are obvious examples of do-a-thons. But why not a teach-a-thon? While we are not organising a separate tutorial day this time, you might want to teach a method or a visualisation tool to others. If you were thinking of giving a talk, but don’t want to present it as a poster, perhaps you could turn it into an interactive discuss-a-thon to take your ideas and jointly develop them further? How about closing some Pyomo issues? How about drafting a position paper? How about prototyping a tool? How about creating an energy specific Software-Carpentry-style lesson? How about polishing and redistributing a certain dataset? Make it interactive, make it worthwhile, make it effective.

How: To propose a do-a-thon, open a new topic on Discourse and tag it with “do-a-thon” and “zurich-2018” so it can be easily found.

For a list of already proposed do-a-thons, search for “do-a-thon” and “zurich-2018” or use the direct link. Join the discussion on a group to make sure you will get the most out of it and :heart: topics to show your love.

Did we miss something or are we barking up the wrong tree?

Use this topic for discussion: do you have comments on this structure and the ways you can participate at the workshop?

Stefan and Tim

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