Agenda for the break-out groups

Topics and venues for the break-out groups

Wodak Room

Symbolx & karray - 1:30-2:30

Lead: @cdgaete

Seasonal storage - 2:30-3:30

Lead: @robertH

Harmonizing energy models - 4:30-5:30

Lead @lyden

Gvishiana Room

Sufficiency scenarios - 1:30-3:30

This is a two-hour session!

Lead: @frauke

Energy modelling & critical thinking

Lead: @sacha.hodencq @HugoLeB

Raiffa room

Open Energy Ontology - 1:30-2:30

Lead: @christian.hofmann

Distributed Database Infrastructure - 2:30-3:30

Lead: @ludwig.huelk @phackstock