Working with the Open Energy Ontology

  • genre: do-a-thon
  • title: Working with the Open Energy Ontology
  • presenter: @christian.hofmann
  • background:

This do-a-thon is dedicated to the Open Energy Ontology (OEO). The OEO aims to be the ontology for energy systems analysis. What does this even mean? The term ontology and it’s surrounding concepts can be intimidating. This workshop intends to break down big words into simple terms and make them more accessible for researchers in the field. Very basically, an ontology is a logically consistent description of reality for an area of interest. Having such a thing is useful for many applications.

An introduction section in this workshop will elaborate what you can do with an ontology in principle, followed by concrete examples of uses of the OEO itself. The OEO warmly welcomes new collaborators. After the introduction, the group will explore some low-threshold ways of working with and contributing to the OEO - how to find terms and concepts, how to suggest new ones and other ways of engagement.

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