Registrations now open for Vienna/Laxenburg workshop in March 2023

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Hi openmod community


The next openmod workshop will take place at IIASA, Vienna/Laxenburg, Austria, on 22–24 March 2023, register using the URL below if you want to participate!


The organizing committee for the next openmod workshop invites you to attend the upcoming meeting in Vienna/Laxenburg hosted by the IIASA Energy, Climate, and Environment (ECE) program.

The event is organized jointly with a capacity-building and training event supported by the Horizon 2020 projects ECEMF, NAVIGATE and ENGAGE. The first day 00 on the Wednesday (designated “00” because the following day is tagged “01”) will consist of several sessions on modelling, tools and best-practice-examples of scenario analysis.

The second and third days — labeled 01 and 02 and covering Thursday and Friday respectively — will follow the usual structure of openmod workshops, featuring lightning talks, a poster session, and several break-out sessions for do‑a‑thons and such.

With this schedule, we hope the workshop will be interesting and relevant for the broader openmod and energy modelling community. Participation in the capacity-building sessions on day 00 is optional.

While we will provide broadcasting options (via Zoom) for the capacity-building sessions and the plenary sessions, the event is intended primarily as an in‑person meeting.

The IIASA Energy, Climate, and Environment program (ECE) will financially support the workshop, so that we do not need to collect a registration fee. We will be able to welcome up to 50 participants. We ask anyone interested to participate in the capacity-building sessions and/or openmod workshop to register until Monday 29 January 2023 at 09:00 +0100 (CET).

If more than 50 colleagues express an interest to participate, we will allocate slots to ensure a broad representation of research groups, geographical regions, and research interests. In order to broaden the audience of the workshop, we will specifically reserve 15 seats for first-time participants, that is, people who have never participated in an openmod workshop before.

Over the next weeks, we will initiate a process to propose topics for do‑a‑thons via this forum.

An outline of the proposed agenda follows.

Proposed agenda in outline

Day Date Times Activities Notes
00 Wednesday
22 March 2023  
10:00 – 18:00 • capacity building and training sessions financially supported
by the H2020 projects
01 Thursday
23 March 2023
10:00 – 17:30 • lightning talks
• poster sessions
• break‑out groups
• do‑a‑thons
social event in evening
02 Friday
24 March 2023
09:30 – 12:30 • lightning talks
closing plenary
rooms available in afternoon

Looking forward to welcoming you soon at IIASA!

On behalf of the organizing committee

Also see here for a list of previous openmod workshops:


Dear openmod workshop planning committee @danielhuppmann @robbie.morrison,

Thanks for organizing this year’s workshop. We are a group of four researchers from Aarhus University who’d like to participate in the workshop. With regard to the cap of 50 participants, if this upper bound is reached, we assume that the distributions of seats have not been finalized. For the purpose of planning our travel, could you reveal at which stage we can expect to be notified?

Best regards,
Ebbe Kyhl Gøtske

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Indeed, there were about 100 people that expressed an interest in attending. We are currently discussing whether we can increase the maximum number of participants, and I will send out more information by the end of this week.

Apologies for the delay!

Note also @ebbekyhl

any new information about the notification?

Hi @Oussama, I added you to the group @vienna-2023-workshop and sent a message via the group messages - you are registered for the workshop. Please look at the messages in the group and submit a proposal for lightning talks or posters.

Looking forward to welcoming you soon in Vienna!
Best regards,

Thanks! I didn’t consider that as a notification or confirmation.

Admission to Vienna 2023 group is confirmation of attendance

Hi @Oussama Just for clarity and others may well be interested too. If you have been added to the Vienna 2023 openmod Workshop group, as below, your place is confirmed. This group has public visibility, so anyone can scan the list of participants and see who is planning to attend. R

Hi @robbie.morrison, thanks!

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