Open Energy Modelling Workshop - Berlin 2020

Dear All,

After some back and forth with the logistics we would like to announce that the next Open Energy Modelling Workshop will take place from January 15 to 17, 2020 at the Hertie School in Berlin and will be hosted by the Hertie School, TU Berlin and Reiner Lemoine Institute (RLI).

We wanted the anniversary workshop to be a somewhat larger event as wished for by some members of the forum. The originally proposed dates in November or December only allowed for a maximum participation of 60 persons or a date right before the holiday break so we decided to move it a couple of weeks.

More details on the plans will follow soon in this thread and on the wiki.

@Anselm, @sar_b, & @jens.weibezahn


Great news! I’ve added a link to the placeholder on the wiki. To distinguish it from the North American workshop series, I’ve called it the 10th European Open Modelling Workshop:

@robbie.morrison or anyone else: how do we edit the front page to add the “upcoming event”?

Can you advertise the dates on the mailing list? Thanks!

@tom_brown One work-around is to hand copy editing commands into the URL bar. I’ll email you on this.

Update: here is the required URL:

I recently talked to two members of the public, possibly retired academics, who expressed an interest in attending. Is there a policy on applicants who are not on the mailing list, for instance? This question has not really arisen before because our profile has been so low and specialist.

As far as we know we’ve never checked whether people were on the mailing list or not. Many people have previously attended who were definitely not on the mailing list. I don’t see much reason to change our open policy now, but it’s up to the organisers, who are dictators-for-the-event :wink:.

It won’t be a problem for interested people who are not on the mailing list to to register to the event. It would be new to me hear this was handled differently in the past. You will find all necessary information by mid of next week. The registration will be opened around the 15 October 2019.


Dear openmoders,

Registration for the 10th European Workshop in Berlin is now open. See the event’s wiki page for all the details.

If you would like to propose a Tutorial or a Do-a-thon (also see wiki for descriptions of the formats) please use the following template and make a post in this thread of the forum. Others can then upvote your proposal if they like it. Once the proposal deadline is over (November 17, 2019) we will screen all the submissions and will try to do a match-making for all the sessions that were requested but did not find a volunteer to organize them yet.

We are looking forward to seeing all your great ideas!

Proposal for:
Tutorial/Do-a-thon (please select one)
Session Title

Session Description

Would you like to be responsible for this Session?
Yes!/No, I would just like to see this topic in the program
Do you need any special infrastructure for this Session?

Do you have any recommendations who could be part of this Session?

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Hi organizers! I see there is a hack‑a‑thon penciled in for Saturday 18 January 2020. Should I start a new topic on the forum and start collecting ideas? @sar_b mentioned to me that a grass‑roots organization named “gerechte 1 komma 5 — Der Klimaplan von unten” which I translated as “A just 1 point 5 — the grassroots climate plan” was interested in participating, but I couldn’t find them on the web.

Edit: 21 October 2019: group name corrected and my unofficial translation updated.

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Hi Robbie! Yes, it would be good to discuss the hackathon in a seperate thread. Thanky you!

Find here the link to the grass roots organization: It was our idea to contribute to their work - bottom up climate action plan through a hack-a-thon session.

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I opened a separate thread regarding the hack-a-thon here

I also just created a separate topic for our data standards do-a-thon proposal (tagged berlin-2020).

I think that makes sense as we hope there will be some discussion on that particular topic, so rather than swamping this thread once there are are a couple of different proposals, those discussions can be do-a-thon-specific.


I would like to propose two sessions, here is the first one:
Proposal for:
A brainstorming (do-a-thon?)
Session Title
Improving reproducibility of research.

A brainstorming session on how to improve reproducibility of research with open models. Assuming a model and data are open, how it can be reused, recalibrated for another country/region/sector with minimal time for new users and minimal required time spent by the model developers.
Would you like to be responsible for this Session?
Yes, can do

The second session:

Energy modeling with R and energyRt

A hands-on session on developing energy system models and conducting analysis not leaving R, with examples from basic Utopia model (up to 11 regions, flexible multilevel time-slices, thermal generation, renewables, and endogenous grid) up to the large scale open models for US and India (up to 50 regions, 1 hour time slices, weather information from NASA, endogenous grid).

I would like to propose one doathon :
Title: improve our wiki - how to open up
I think our wiki could be improved to first make the already existing knowledge better visible and I would additionally like to gather the existing knowledge of how to open up. Main Topics for the doathon would be:

  • discuss representation and linking of already existing content of our wiki
  • additions to the wiki to support institutes to become more open/ to implement an open source strategy

I feel responsible for the session and would be happy about others who like to join me in structuring and organising the doathon. It would be great if someone from PIK and from FZJ could join who already started a strategy to open up - all others who also started or even finished an open source strategy should also feel especially invited!
It would also be extremely helpful if someone joins who is familiar in editing the wiki.

I also came up with a do-a-thon idea. Hopefully I’m not too late for the party! If so, that’s sad.

Anyway, the idea relates to discussing our overlapping approaches to VRES generation simulation. I know a lot of us are developing our own open models for this, and once I’m done with my defense in 2 weeks (yay!), then I will also upload all of my simulation code to GitHub. Among other issues, I think it would be beneficial for us to discuss pros, cons, and ‘best practices’ relating to these models. We could also give showcases, perform some on-the-spot simulations, and compare the outputs (maybe also against real generation data?). It could also be a learning experience for those who are not too familiar with VRES simulation workflows.

You can read more about the suggestion here


Sabine Haas and I would like to propose a tutorial session for two libraries to generate feed-in time series that we are developing respectively using - the windpowerlib and pvlib.
@s.ryberg as both our proposed session address the same subject maybe we can try to combine them and make two consecutive sessions. We are definitely open to shift the focus of our session or have someone else join to present their tool.

Proposal for:
Session Title
Generating wind and pv feed-in time series with open source models (windpowerlib & pvlib)
Session Description
Feed-in time series of renewables are the basis for all simulations of future energy systems. In this tutorial we would like to teach you in a hands-on session how to generate wind feed-in time series with the windpowerlib and PV feed-in time series with the pvlib. Apart from that, we show you the new features of the feedinlib, which serves as an interface between different weather data sets and renewables models and aims at automating the whole process of downloading weather data, converting it to the right format for different feed-in models and calculating the feed-in for given set of power plants.

For demonstrations we will use jupyter notebooks and you will be able to explore the libraries yourself. Depending on the participants’ interests we can focus on one of these libraries or part time equally between them.
Would you like to be responsible for this Session?
Do you need any special infrastructure for this Session?
Beamer, everyone his/her laptop
Do you have any recommendations who could be part of this Session?
Everyone who is interested in calculating wind and pv feed-in time series.

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Hi @birgit.schachler, I think this is a great idea, so you can safely assume I would join :). I would be particularly interested in experimenting with how scale-able your and @sabine-h’s workflows are (since this was a major concern for the simulation workflows I came up with). If the interest were there, I would also offer to give a tutorial on my simulation tools as well, although they are certainly not at as mature of a state as windpowerlib.

For the do-a-thon I suggested, I didn’t intend for any single model to be the focus. Instead, I thought it would be better to make comparisons between the models and, ultimately, better equip the attendees to decide which model they should to use for their own use cases. Therefore, maybe it would make sense to place the tutorial sessions after the more general do-a-thon? Maybe this can also help by giving attendees specific examples they would like to see?

Dear all,

I also would like to propse a do-a-thon:

Proposal for:
Session Title
Development of a distritbuted data architecture for sharing data in energy systems analysis.
Session Description
In this session we would like to discuss how a distributed architecture of data bases for energy systems modelling could look like. We have a national funded project for the development and demonstration of a distributed data sharing architecture in energy systems modelling. If we want to be successful with such an approach, we need to be inclusive and want to reach out into the community to disuss our initial thoughs how this could work. We want to learn your perspective and jointly improve our vision how this could look like, to develop something for the benefit of all.
Would you like to be responsible for this Session?
Yes, unfortunately I can only do this on Wednesday due to other appointments
Do you need any special infrastructure for this Session?
Do you have any recommendations who could be part of this Session?
Anyone interesed in sharing data and make the data more easy to discover and more accessible.

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I moved the proposal for our tutorial session on generating wind and pv feed-in time series with open source models (windpowerlib & pvlib) to new topic.

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