Tutorial: Generating wind and PV feed-in time series with open source models (windpowerlib & pvlib)

Sabine Haas and I would like to propose a tutorial session for two libraries to generate feed-in time series that we are developing respectively using - the windpowerlib and pvlib.
@s.ryberg as both our proposed session address the same subject maybe we can try to combine them and make two consecutive sessions. We are definitely open to shift the focus of our session or have someone else join to present their tool.

Proposal for:
Session Title
Generating wind and pv feed-in time series with open source models (windpowerlib & pvlib)
Session Description
Feed-in time series of renewables are the basis for all simulations of future energy systems. In this tutorial we would like to teach you in a hands-on session how to generate wind feed-in time series with the windpowerlib and PV feed-in time series with the pvlib . Apart from that, we show you the new features of the feedinlib , which serves as an interface between different weather data sets and renewables models and aims at automating the whole process of downloading weather data, converting it to the right format for different feed-in models and calculating the feed-in for given set of power plants.

For demonstrations we will use jupyter notebooks and you will be able to explore the libraries yourself. Depending on the participants’ interests we can focus on one of these libraries or part time equally between them.
Would you like to be responsible for this Session?
Do you need any special infrastructure for this Session?
Beamer, everyone his/her laptop
Do you have any recommendations who could be part of this Session?
Everyone who is interested in calculating wind and pv feed-in time series.


@s.ryberg I moved the tutorial proposal to a new topic so we can discuss it here. Thanks for your comment. Having your do-a-thon after this tutorial session sounds good. We are also open for and interested in a tutorial from you. Which tool would you like to present? If you joined we might drop the pvlib tutorial and focus on showing how to download weather data using the feedinlib and how to use the windpowerlib, depending on how much time you need.

Hi @birgit.schachler. Actually, I had suggested to have my more general do-a-thon before a model-specific tutorial session. Sorry if I wasn’t very clear. Would you prefer to have it the other way around?

Anyway, if I were to give a tutorial on my tools, I would speak about “RESkit” which I will be uploading to GitHub shortly. This is a wind + PV simulation toolset which we have been using in the FZJ IEK3 for some time now. It performs simulations based on climate model data products, is flexible to turbine and PV module design, and is made to interface easily with the land eligibility evaluations which we always perform as a pre-step to determine the potential of these technologies in a given region. So my tutorial would involve taking the attendees through an example use-case to “create PV/Wind generation profile(s) with turbine/module design for region with land-eligibility restrictions and when using weather data”. Hopefully that is clear :sweat_smile:. For a very simple example case I expect that I would need around 20-25 minutes, and maybe a bit more if there were many questions.

Of course, I have no desire to “steal” the focus away from you presenting windpowerlib and feedinlib (which I am particularly interested in!). Therefore, even though I would be very happy to present this work, please think of this as an ad hoc option which should only happen if there is enough time and interest.

Hi @s.ryberg, sorry, my bad, I meant having your session before ours is fine. That is how it is planned now anyways :slight_smile:.

Since the slot this session is in now is two hours long we’d be happy to have you present your tool RESkit! You may also take longer than 20-25 minutes (around 30-40 minutes?). We thought we would start with the feedinlib, presenting how to download local and global reanalysis data, as weather data is the basis for RES simulations. We would then continue showing how to use the windpowerlib. Afterwards you could take over showing your tool. Optionally, if there is still some time left, we could also present the pvlib.

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