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Dear OpenModders,
We just had an exciting WS on the usefulness of ontologies to improve linkability and transparency of data / databases. In our discussion afterwards, we realized that we would like to discuss this with the Openmod community and find out who else is working on this. So here would be the topic for a lightning talk and tutorial for the next openmod workshop. And in doing so, I noticed that I don’t even know who has taken over the organization of the next workshop and when it should take place… Is there someone? Otherwise we would organize it according to the past online workshops - but a live meeting with different topics would be really nice after all this time.


Hi @berit.mueller I just tagged your topic as workshop-15 because it will be number 15. See wikipedia for a list of the previous events. Amazing!


There was a vote on the next workshop back at the beginning of 2020, and it was decided to host in Freiburg:

Since the pandemic is ongoing and infection numbers are rising fast across Europe, it seems we’ll still have to wait until at least Spring 2022, unless we do something online…

Thanks Robbie for tagging - and sorry for not yet automated registrations-management (we will ameliorate that :))
and thanks Tom for pointing to the Freiburg voting - I didn’t find that. But I guess you’re right, that it will end up being an online Mini-WS…
We’ll discuss this week with the Orga-Team.
Have a nice week!!

LF Energy

I participate in the LF Energy data architecture working group. LF Energy is an initiative from the Linux Foundation and here is a succinct summary of the project:

LF Energy is essentially focused on smart systems and our community on overarching analysis. These two strands are, of course, simultaneously distinct and highly coupled. Indeed, both camps would do well to acknowledge potential contributions from their near neighbors to a greater degree.

So I am suggesting that the next workshop invites LF Energy to give a keynote presentation. That is not my call of course — it is one for the workshop organizers. But I believe there are good reasons to cooperate with LF Energy and especially to avoid unnecessary divergence on matters like data semantics. Best, R

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To note that LF Energy have indicated their willingness to participate as outlined above. R

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