Call for hosting the next open mod workshop after Berlin 2020

Dear everyone,

After the large open mod workshop in Berlin, we need to think about its next (potentially smaller) edition. We have heard rumors about potential hosts in Freiburg, Trondheim and Vienna but others might perhaps want to throw their hats into the ring as well? If you want to host the next workshop indicate it in this thread; and there is not need to refrain from enthousiastic promotion of your institution! If possible also indicate tentative dates in about 5 to 7 months.

I suggest that we keep this call open for two weeks. On March, 2nd we will organize a poll to find our next host(s).

All the best from Berlin,
Sarah, Jens and Anselm

Regarding dates, just noting the three-day IEW energy workshop, hosted by Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg, Germany will run from Monday 29 June to Wednesday 1 July 2020.

Also that the openmod-affiliated COST grant will be advised in about five weeks and, if successful, could provide support for participants from target-inclusive countries (TIC), mostly eastern Europe. At least that is my understanding of the application.

Dear all,

we (Freiburg) would be happy to host the Summer OpenMod 2020. Concerning the date, we still need some coordination time, because the date has to be arranged with the semester exams of the university.

Greetings Freddy



Trondheim is certainly open for this Summer (except July and August). We are happy to host the next workshop and help coordinate it. Here in Trondheim, we have the largest Norwegian University: NTNU. We also have one of the largest independent research institutions: SINTEF. So, we have many passionate energy modellers in the area.

So, keep us on the list for this OpenMod 2020. We are in!


Pedro Crespo del Granado
Senior Researcher

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Dear all,

since we now have two publicly announced offers to host the next workshop, I am happy to open the poll to decide where to held the next OpenMod later this year. Please cast your vote until next week, March 16th.

  • Freiburg
  • Trondheim

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Hi all,

the vote shows that the next (on-site) workshop will be hosted at Freiburg by Freddy and others. We now hand over the workshop coordination to Freiburg and would like to thank you all for your participation at the Berlin edition.

It’s up to Freiburg to announce date for the next workshop in due time. Due to the strong limitations for presence workshop, we - as a community - could also think more about how to organize a virtual meeting in the meantime. Volunteers are more than welcome to take on that hat.

Warm regards from Berlin in these difficult times,
Sarah, Jens and Anselm


Dear all,

thanks for the the votes! We are looking forward to hosting the next on-site OpenMod Workshop in sunny Freiburg, the “Home of the Energiewende”!
Currently, we are aiming for a date in mid September, but we will have to see how the Corona virus crisis evolves. The University of Freiburg also had to postpone a large number of exams and might shift the semester, which affects the availability of local infrastructure. We will prepare for different scenarios and announce a date when we have more clarity about the local as well as the global situation.

For now, stay healthy and enjoy the virtual mini-workshop - we are looking forward to meeting you later this year here in Freiburg!

Best wishes,
Freddy and Mirko

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