Modelling Solar rooftop potential in Urban places?

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At the moment, I’m studying local area energy models, and I’m interested to get the potential of rooftop PV installtions at a given area.parameters like tilt angles of roofs, status of building and it’s suitability for PV installations, shadowing effects , and available surface area are my prime concern.

I’m wondering if there’s a python package perhaps that has his funcalities .it would also be appreciated it you recommended some geospatial tools that can be used in Urban energy modelling that are much granualr in spatial dimensions ( maybe at Zip code level or less)

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Some thoughts. On the technology side, try pvlib written in python:

Regarding data sources — and these are unfortunately oriented towards Germany and documented in German:

  • Zentrale Stelle Hauskoordinaten, Hausumringe und 3D-Gebäudemodelle (ZSHH) (more here)

  • Happ, Marina, Julia Wielgosch, and Alex Kalevi Dieke (December 2022). Open Data bei Katasterdaten: Status quo, gute Beispiele und Herausforderungen [Open Data in cadastral data: status quo, good examples and challenges] (in German). Bad Honnef, Germany: Wissenschaftliches Institut für Infrastruktur und Kommunikationsdienste (WIK) [Scientific Institute for Infrastructure and Communications Services]. (also covers PV potentials)

Somewhere in the middle is the European‑wide SLiCE model which supports building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) as well. See this recent openmod lightning talk (which will be uploaded to YouTube as soon as I get the okay from the presenter):

and also this literature:

The plan is to release SLiCE under suitable open licensing sometime this year  — although that decision that rests with the European Commission however.

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Some Jupyter notebooks that might be of interest for you:

Associated literature :

Another article on this topic, considering roofs and facades: Optimization of the integration of photovoltaic systems on buildings for self-consumption Case study in France

Hi, you can also have a look at the python package open-mastr GitHub - OpenEnergyPlatform/open-MaStR: A collaborative software to download the energy database Marktstammdatenregister (MaStR)
The package handles the download of the German Core energy dataset where you get information for all 2.7 mio PV systems of germany together with location information, capacity, orientation, and tilt angle.

Admin note: “2.7 mio” translates as “2.7 million”.