Industrial energy efficiency, waste heat recovery and carbon capture and storage database

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I am currently working as a researcher under a European commission funded project for energy system modelling for the North sea region (ENSYSTRA). More information about the project can be found here (

There are 15 different research topics and a Phd researcher has been assigned to each one of them. I am working as ESR-08 ( and am responsible for energy efficient production and waste heat recovery technologies in energy intensive industries. Based on my initial research , i believe the objective would be to create a technology database with learning curves for different technologies which will be used to create different scenarios. The amount of information required in this database will define the depth of my research for each technology.I am going to focus on steel , petrochemical, cement aluminium and paper industry.
I tried finding such a database online (open-source if any) but could not find any. I came across references to the ETSAP database of technologies but its not open source. I looked at the data part of the openmodwiki and i think this is one of the pending works. (
I thought i will connect with the community at the initial stages of the research work to get an idea of the framework I should follow. Any comments, suggestions would be extremely helpful.

If you look at the recent workshop do-a-thon on industrial demand there’s a lot of sources in the forum and in the google doc. At some point we should transfer this into the structure of the wiki. Also checkout the hotmaps project and it’s gitlab account.

Hi @abhinavbhaskar. The most widely used life cycle analysis database is the Swiss ecoinvent project: transparent for users but not open licensed and not cheap. The proprietary licensing also prevents one from republishing the data used and thus undermines efforts at improving scientific reproducibility. I do not know whether ecoinvent offers learning curves or provides sufficient historical information for users to calibrate such curves for themselves. Conversely, there is very little open licensed LCA data available to my knowledge.

There will be substantial literature from integrated assessment modeling (IAM) on single and multi-factor technology learning curves. But I am not aware of any that covers industrial heat integration. And I am rather doubtful that IAMs, as currently structured, could adequately represent and select for such opportunities in a deep way.

This German government sponsored long-term and climate scenarios project might be of interest. One workstream examines the industrial sector, electrical and thermal demand, and opportunities for efficient energy use.

Also relevant might be the recent Federal Association of German Industry (BDI) report (listed below) which concludes that, from an industry perspective, an 80% reduction in emissions by 2050 is achievable using national policy measures alone. Further cuts are possible but will require international agreement to protect individual economies that are out in front. That is a remarkable position, especially when you compare industry responses to decarbonization in other countries and sectors. I am not aware of a translation for the report, but the BDI press release (listed below) is in english.


Gerbert, Philipp, Patrick Herhold, Jens Burchardt, Stefan Schönberger, Florian Rechenmacher, Almut Kirchner, Andreas Kemmler, and Marco Wünsch (January 2018). Klimapfade für Deutschland — Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie (BDI) [Climate paths for Germany] (in German). Munich, Germany: Boston Consulting Group.

Wiskow, Jobst-Hinrich (18 January 2018). Climate protection needs massive investment drive according to new BDI study. Berlin, Germany: Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie (BDI). Press release.

Thanks a lot for the information. Hotmap project has an extensive database of all industrial units in Europe (the ones which are listed on ETS / EPRTR database of emissions. I also found some interesting studies which could be useful for someone who is starting research on Industrial waste heat recovery. I am attaching the links for reference.

I will keep adding to the list as and when I find more information.

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