Ground control to Open Mod

Hello all! This is Tuomas from NRECA. We are reaching out because we had some really good discussion starting up even just after two days at NREL! Aside from that, I had a very nice time meeting everyone. So I just wanted to send out a first attempt at communication…

I think this would be a good starting off point to start narrowing down and honing in on ideas or projects people want to work on. Maybe set up separate wikis, list-serves, or even slack groups to divide up projects and communication. Would this interest everyone? What are some ideas you guys have?

The more we cooperate, the more we can accomplish!


Hi @Tuomas Yes, some kind of distributed mission control is surely needed! Because the openmod has been quite centered in Germany, some things that are essentially communal are currently undertaken in research projects in the background. But that only works of course if you happen to be located in Berlin or Flensburg or Karlsruhe and in the loop. The openmod recently and indirectly applied for a large networking grant that could be used to expand our IT infrastructure. But equally the community could do this for itself too. It is mostly a question of getting some level of agreement on needs and services and then finding sufficient volunteer sysadmin resources. None of this is especially onerous (except when the European data protection regulations entered into force and then there was a bit of a scramble to comply). There is a work‑in‑progress wish‑list here to use as a starting point. R.

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