New services for openmod collaboration (wish-list)

Putting some structure to the discussion in the mailing list on possible new services openmod needs or could use:

Leave a mark on which service you think we could use or should focus on:

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@robbie.morrison brought up a Nextcloud instance in conjunction with the upcoming workshop in Aarhus.
It could be used for example to archive poster submissions and similar material.

This thread is intended to suggest and discuss options, possible priorities or alternatives!
Or raise a hand if you can offer help on one of the entries above.



@johannes.hampp Might be useful to have a discussion then a vote? Otherwise the result might end up like the Brexit referendum? Perhaps a two week delay? Just my suggestion. R.

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When I added the poll I was intending it as an indicator what people might prefer or find important.
Not a ‘Leave or Remain’.

I.e.: Feel free to come back, remove or add a vote or bring up new suggestions; I’ll add them to the poll
(there doesn’t seem to be an option for an fully open poll).


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Nextcloud has a plug in markdown editor. Just create a *.md file and the editor is invoked automatically. That route looks preferable to HackMD.

Hi there - did we reach any conclusion for this discussion?

I am just looking at the portal and services of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)
It seems they do offer a bunch of community services, including file-sharing.
Do you think that this could be of interest for openmod?
Or are there any reasons, why we should prefer a (self managed) Nextcloud service?

My assumption (hope) is, that EOSC could

  • provide their servicesat low cost / or for free
  • be more trustworthy than our current pragmatic fall-backs (e.g. google docs / drive for file sharing)
  • be more reliable than a privately maintained Nexcloud service (unless we identify an extremely professional and altruistic admin, or institution)

However, I will ask their filesharing service ( for a quote (out of curiosity) and let you know what they say!
So If you have any reservations / concerns / things that I should look out for, please post them here :-)!!

Many greetings, Christian

Dear Openmoders,

to get a first feeling of what the European Open Science Cloud Portal could provide, I have contacted two arbitrary projects (see below).

Apart from these projects, there is still a great number of other projects and ressources, that we could evaluate. To take a decision about which of the services (if any) are most appropriate for openmod is thus a complicated task, which will take time.

I have thus asked the EOSC-secretariate, whether they provide resources (such overviews of the different offers & prices) or would be willing to present at one of the next openmod workshops, to help us understand what services are provided by the EOSC, and potentially identify a suitable service.

Of course, if some of you have already evaluated the EOSC services, or even started using one of the services (e.g. in the context of H2020 grant applications), feel free to reply to this thread with your recommendations.

Many greetings and have a nice weekend,


  • OpenAire: said they would offer the following main resources for free (?):

    • Advice on findeable, accessible, interpretable and reusable (FAIR) data managment, licensing etc. through their network of national contact points
    • Filesharing via
  • D4Science: sent a sample Service Level Agreement including the following services for between €68k and €200k during 5 years: D4Science - OpenMod SLA.pdf (2.6 MB)

@Christian.winzer Useful thoughts. I am increasingly working with this kind of tooling: GitHub (free‑of‑charge), GitLab (self‑hosted), Nextcloud (self‑hosted), Nuclino (disabled or commercial), Keybase, Mattermost (self‑hosted), and OverLeaf (disabled or commercial). And as each platform increases its feature set, its not especially clear where the functional boundaries lie and which strengths arise for what roles. That said, service fees exceeding two hundred euros per annum are probably out of scope for us. Below that figure, we can simply pass the hat around.

I agree… if the EU wants the research communities to use the EOSC-Portal infrastructure, they will need to make funding available to pay for such bills, or to provide the services for free. We should probably point this out to them at some stage.

Hi there… below is the feedback from the EOSC. In order to explore if / how openmod could use EOSC infrastructure (including potential sources of funding), I would suggest to invite an EOSC representative to one of the next openmod workshops? (depending on whether you and others like :heart: the idea).

Dear Christian,

Thank you for calling on the phone.

The webinar recording I mentioned you is here (It introduces EOSC and the EOSC-hub project, as well as mentions a few other projects. This was recorded in March. Since then the list of contributing projects grew.)

An upcoming event that can be of interest to your community:

(Budapest, Nov 26-28)


On 2019. 09. 02. 9:32, Gergely Sipos wrote:

Dear Christian,

Thank you for contacting us. Yes, we provide assistance to choose the right service. We can either have a teleconference with you and your project, and can also give a talk at your workshop. Please let us know which one you’d prefer.

Indeed the landscape of services, and the access conditions are diverse. Your suggestions on how to better present the services are very useful. We will discuss these in the EOSC user support team.

Do you have a description or slides about the use case(s) for which you are looking for services in EOSC? (I see on the website that OpenMod is quite a broad initiative.) The use cases could help us focus the discussion in the telco/workshop.


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I think it is good to connect with EOSC; I tried to get them to the EMP-E since two years but they didn’t come. I think they started public gigs only last year. They are connected with different DGs as far as I know and that could also help to bring our views of open source more into the european discussion.

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