Feedback in the closing plenary

Responses to the question “Cool things you learnt at the workshop”

Ideas for next workshop


  • More hands-on, practical training & capacity-building sessions
  • More lightning talks
  • More break-out groups
  • More hands-on do-a-thons
  • Dedicated poster sessions (with 1-minute plenary introduction for each poster)
  • “Speed dating” to get to know other participants
  • Dedicated Hackathon day after the conference


  • Comparison between model (framework) features
  • Data-sharing workshops
  • More focus on demand-side & sufficiency modelling
  • More detailed examples for linking models
  • How-to Science Communication
  • How-to Archiving model runs
  • Workflow management
  • Interactive visualizations

Practical issues

  • Newbie’s guide
    • how to get started and contribute to openmod
    • how to use the forum effectively
    • what are the expectations of the community
  • Ask for participants’ expectations in interactive sessions
  • Outdoor sessions
  • More focus on global south & non-EU
  • Documentation of break-out groups on the forum
  • Warm lunch
  • Better labelling of food options at buffet

pdf version of all comments

Feedback-session-Mentimeter.pdf (1.1 MB)


To provide some context for the feedback diagram above, please note:


Thanks Robbie, some corrections:

  • Xarray is a python package:

  • I would not attribute the software projects to specific institutes. They are partly incorrect or simplify the collaborative projects (OEP, RAMP, Calliope)