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Is there anyone interested in creating a wiki page for future energy system scenarios?


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Hello @Tiziano This is one of several efforts aimed at creating and assembling future energy system scenarios, within this community, by public bodies, and by others. Scenarios are probably better databased than wikied, I would suggest. The lack of open licensing (for instance by the European Commission and the IPCC) makes official and semi‑official scenarios hard for us open modelers to collect and recycle (not that you propose that exactly).

To the best of my knowledge, @ludwig.huelk is working on an energy scenario database named SzenarienDB, as part of the OEP project hosted by the Reiner Lemoine Institut (RLI) and others (Hülk et al 2017, Glauer 2018). So that is probably the first point of contact for this community in relation to structuring and storing scenarios.

The European Commission has published a set of scenarios in PDF format (Capros et al 2016). The copyright holder is unclear but probably the European Commission and there is no open license.

The IPCC has databased their SR15 scenarios (IAMC) but not under an open license (Huppmann et al 2018 × 2). I understand that getting agreement from the contributing parties on a CC‑BY‑4.0 license was not possible, despite efforts to do so.

Other threads on this server:

Finally note that some of the scenarios listed are for integrated assessment models (IAM) and some for energy system models. There needs to be some effort to harmonize these or at least explain why they should diverge, be that in terms of inputs or results or both.

While on the topic, I think it would be useful to develop “sufficiency” scenarios where people only consume what they need and perhaps also to deploy different economic processes within the models themselves, particularly for coupled CGE models and stand‑alone IAM models (Kuhnhenn 2018). HTH, R.


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Hi Robbie,
Thank you very much for your detailed answer and the references.

I agree on that.
Would it be useful to have a wiki page that points to scenario databases or to individual scenarios (EC, IPCC, etc) as a reference resource, even if they are not fully open source? Would this be a useful addition to the wiki, alongside to the models and data pages?

Definitely a direction to investigate, maybe this paper could be of interest.

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Hi @Tiziano Just briefly. Indexing is a good idea. Either here first or on the openmod wiki as you prefer. I also started a new topic on energy sufficiency and added the Wuppertal Institute article you indicated.

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