Do-a-thon: thermal demand data

Dear all,

I would be interested in exchanging and working on the topic of “thermal demand data”.

There are various motivations and options for doing so:

  • There was a similar session on this at Aarhus 2019, which I unfortunately could not attend, but maybe we can follow-up on this?
  • Share experences and discuss shortcomings with existing datasets.
  • Compare existing datasets that may use different approaches to represent the same thing.

I could introduce/discuss/compare the when2heat dataset, which I recently published at Open Power System Data and Scientific Data.



Hello @oruhnau The Berlin 2020 organizers (I am not one) have a template for proposing do‑a‑thons. Perhaps you could complete the remaining attributes so that they can get a better picture? HTH, R.

Thanks @robbie.morrison!

Proposal for:
Session Title
Thermal demand data (and modeling)
Session Description
Exchange and work on the topic of “thermal demand data” (and related modeling). Potentially follow up on previous openmod discussions on this topic. Share experiences and discuss shortcomings with existing data. Compare existing datasets (characteristics and actual data).
Would you like to be responsible for this Session?
Do you need any special infrastructure for this Session?
Do you have any recommendations who could be part of this Session?
Anyone who is interested - if you are, feel free to comment on this post

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