How to propose or request a tutorial / Do-a-thon

Dear openmoders,

To facilitate to process of proposing Tutorials and Do-a-thons (descriptions of the formats), we summarize it again in three steps:

  1. Open a new thread in the forum using the category workshop and the tag berlin-2020.

  2. The template below helps you to provide relevant information. Stefan already gave a good example.

  3. Do not forget to like proposals of others to show your interest.

Feel free to respond to any request of Tutorials / Do-a-thons. At latest by November 17th, we screen all remaining requests and try to find volunteers to organize them.

We are looking forward to seeing all your great ideas!

Proposal for:
Tutorial/Do-a-thon (please select one)
Session Title

Session Description

Would you like to be responsible for this Session?
Yes!/No, I would just like to see this topic in the program
Do you need any special infrastructure for this Session?

Do you have any recommendations who could be part of this Session?

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