Do-a-thon: Charging point distribution for energy demand in the mobility sector

Laura Wienpahl and I would like to propose a do-a-thon session with the topic energy demand prediction for mobility applications.
Proposal for:
Session Title
Charging point distribution for energy demand in the mobility sector
Session Description
We’re developing a tool at the moment to generate time series for future energy demand of electric vehicle on the basis of statistical mobility data. In the next step we need to include specific locations of the charging points to meet the demands. In the session we would like to present you our current development and discuss with you possible solutions to find suitable locations for the charging points. The approach should focus on public charging points and locations on streets etc.
Would you like to be responsible for this Session?
Do you need any special infrastructure for this Session?
Projector, everyone his/her laptop
Do you have any recommendations who could be part of this Session?
Everyone who is interested in modelling energy systems in the mobility sector with the focus on battery electric vehicles. It would be extremely helpful if someone joins who is familiar with GIS-programming.

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Hello tim,

I am definitely interested in the do-a-thon you’re proposing. I’m dealing with electrification of private passenger mobility too.
I have some questions but I don’t want to anticipate the do-a-thon so consider what follows as a warm-up session.

  • What do you mean with “specific locations”? (e.g. parking lots nearby a shopping mall)
  • Are you going to use GIS in order to define a maximum level of charging spots deployment or do you entail an interaction with the electro-mobility demand?
  • Which is the current or expected spatial resolution of the energy model?

Thanks in advance


@accon @hiker

Hi Francesco,

sorry for the late response. I didn’t check the openmod forum for a while so I just read your comment. To your questions:

  • With specific locations I mean actual locations of charging points, categorized by purpose, e.g. parking lots on streets, locations at the work place or home charging
  • We want to use GIS and OSM-data to find the specific locations and then deploy the charging demands on them
  • Can you specifiy what you mean by spatial resolution? Do you mean the locations of charging points in a specific streets vs. just say you need XX charging points in the city…

I hope that this answers your questions for the moment and I’m looking forward to discuss your ideas about electrification of mobility next week.


Hey Tim,

you solved all my doubts during your clear and insightful presentation at openmod workshop. I am late as well in checking forum updates.

Let the community know about your further developments and notice us as soon as you have a final version repository or a published study.

I don’t know if you have already done it, but it would be great if you could share your presentation with the community in such a way we can keep on updating people who didn’t join the workshop.



Hey Francesco,

thank you for contribution in the workshop and I’m looking forward to new developments with your tool as well.
The presentation can be found here:

Best wishes,

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