Where to discuss model-/data/code- questions?

we have this openmod discussion forum - what are we going to use it for?
=> we designed it to document and continue discussions of the meetings;
What about modelling questions? Do we want to establish that here on our forum?
In the past we discussed stack-exchange and tried to get an area (is there an evaluation/outcome of this test?); Is an area is too ambitious? - could we try to get tags in e.g. the “open data” or the “open source” area?
It would be helpful to have one place where energy system modelling questions from various models can be discussed…

from area 51 to Bielefeld: http://openscience.uni-bielefeld.de/

There is another try to create an Open Science platform on area 51:

Linking this to post on possible plugins for Discourse. We could possibly use this forum as the location to discuss these questions.

This question was / is now discussed in the site feedback thread: Question & Answer category

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