What modeling software to use

I would like to implement a model of a small grid where my company installed a lot of pv systems. As I don’t have much experience with modeling electrical grids I would like to ask which modeling solution ia besr for my use case.
We have a site where we monitor the transformer station and it’s outputs, its a three phase 400V system with TN-C structure in mainland europe . On these outputs there are ten buildings with pv systems. What I would like to do is model the grid for these ten buildings with the measurements that we are collecting. We have power, voltage, cos phi, current measurements on the buildings and same mesurments on the transformer station. We know approximate cable lenghts and cable dimensions.
After I would like use the model to calculate maximum pv production of each site before grid conditions go outside the legal limits.
Power loading on the lines is uneven and it seems that even small loads of a few kW have big impact on the voltages. So I would defiantly like to model each phase seperatly.

Hi @Igor I just added a choice‑of‑framework tag to the tag list that might be interesting for you and others asking similar questions:

Hi @Igor,

Some ideas for software to use can be found here:

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