Website performance

Dear test forum users, let’s test the forum out for a few days and make sure it’s working ok, then I’ll announce it to the list. It’s still not super responsive, even with the souped-up server…


Tom Brown

Thanks for setting it up Tom!! can this be linked on the first side of the openmod site?
Unfortunately I have no time today to test deeply because I’m leaving for a on week vacation without computer… so I have to finish plenty things today. I’ll come back to it 6th of february and looking forward to move the breakout-group topics to the forum.

This forum looks like it is going to be a fantastic place to discuss openmod issues. The email list can now retire to that of an announce list and we can chatter away here to our hearts content without harassment. Thank you very much for setting it up Tom. Wonderful work. Regarding performance, I have not noticed any issues concerning my two short posts. Typing into the posting window is responsive. Finally, I, like Berit, will be on holiday for about a week.

All looks good to me!

Speed feels more than acceptable at the moment. I’d say wait and see if performance degrades unacceptably once more people start using it.

Hi all, thanks for the quick feedback! I don’t actually see any particular reason now to delay announcing to the list. It would be useful to have the forum to discuss the workshop tutorials.

As a last check, could one of you create a new topic?

Creating topics seems to work!

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