Vienna 2023 workshop • Posters

  • genre: poster
  • title: Bridging the gap between energy system optimization models and power system stability
  • presenter: @Oussama
  • poster: STAWESOM_Poster_Final.pdf (553.9 kB)
  • optional description:

System stability is becoming increasingly relevant for power system optimization. However, there is a lack of suitable methods to take system stability into account in ESOM (Energy System Optimization Models), at least approximately. So far, ESOM work with simplified steady-state constraints. Based on their results, stability investigations are then carried out, and any necessary countermeasures are determined. It would be preferable to include stability already during optimization, so that the decisions in the ESOM for certain structural options already take into account their influence on stability. This would make the result of the ESOM closer to an optimum that is also permissible from a stability point of view. In this joint project, energy system optimization models (ESOM) are to be extended to include aspects of system stability. The project has the name “STAWESOM” (Stability Aware ESOM). We want to analyze, how to efficiently integrate stability constraints in ESOMS. The poster will describe the intended work flow and tool chain.

  • genre: poster
  • title: Improving the representation of societal transformations using open source stochastic tools for energy demand simulation in rural communities
  • presenter: @ClaudiaLSS
  • note: work in progress! Comments and suggestions are more than welcome.
  • poster: poster_sanchez_openmod2023.pdf (1.5 MB)

Just realized that I never clicked the button to upload my poster… So here is the link if someone is still interested:

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