Video streaming during workshop

Hello everyone,

I am planning the organization of the next workshop (check the updated wikipage: link), and I am wondering why there was a live streaming last time.
Is it necessary? Some arguments against it:

  1. It is logistically complicated (camera, tripod, whatelse?)
  2. It requires the consent of the participants
  3. The video has to be edited (Robbie volunteered for that - thanks! - but it is anyway time-consuming)
  4. It has to be uploaded somewhere (unlikely in the institute’s website).

What do you think?


Hi Kais,

At FIAS we already had the infrastructure for it and very helpful IT technical support to take care of most of the work of the live streaming. Then @robbie.morrison kindly did all the editing afterwards.

I agree that it’s only worth doing if there is demand for it - I’ve asked our IT department for the usage statistics from the live streaming and video downloads.

There is certainly no problem to forget the video if there are no volunteers to take care of it.



I asked the openmod list who had used the live streaming from the April 2017 Frankfurt Workshop. Only one person replied. I also used it, so that makes 2 people. It’s not worth live streaming in my opinion.

A total of 28 individual IP addresses have looked at the uploaded videos of the talks from the workshop. Some of those will be the same person at different locations (I looked from home and from the office). The benefit is therefore questionable given that the slides will be online regardless.

Alright then, thanks Tom for the insights.
For the moment, I will not make any efforts to provide video streaming of this workshop.


I am one of those 2 people that did respond (and one of the 28 IP addresses).

I found it useful to view afterwards as I wanted to check on some of the energy frameworks presented.

Being from RSA, it is far to travel so I may not be able to attend the workshop towards the end of this year (thus, video would be useful).

However, I will be at the next one at the beginning of 2018 and if it is really only a few people - it may not be worth it (as Tom mentioned).

Hi Tom. I have my doubts that the video file server at is indexed by google. If this is the case, then that will limit traffic to those who know where to find the hyperlinks. The video files have extensive Matroska metadata embedded and should therefore be easy to database by search engines. cheers, Robbie

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