VencoPy beta release workshop

Dear energy system modelers,

most energy system models consider future electric vehicle energy demands in one way or another. To adequately model both challenges arising with increasing electric load peaks and opportunities through increasing flexibility, modelers need flexibility estimations in high temporal resolution that can be scaled by different fleet technology scenarios.

After over two years of development at the DLR Energy System Modeling group and two openmod-workshop sessions, we’re happy to announce the publication of VencoPy – an open source tool to generate hourly electric vehicle load profiles based on surveyed mobility data (links below). The tool is now in its beta release (0.1.X) with further patches coming in, but we feel confident to showcase its capabilities in a release workshop on Tuesday 16 November 2021 at 15:00 CET and look forward to discuss further development priorities with you.

The workshop aims for scientific personnel experienced in Python and researchers using large-scale (federal-state as smallest node) highly sector-coupled energy system models. Since we will carry out a hands-on tutorial running JuPyteR notebooks, we will limit the workshop to 20 people, but publish the recordings afterwards.

Please feel warmly welcome to register by sending an E-Mail to, we will then send you further technical set-up instructions.

Kind regards

Fabia Miorelli & Niklas Wulff

Link to public repo: DLR / VencoPy · GitLab

Link to PyPI package: (pip install vencopy via your package manager)

Link to documentation:

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