Validation Session at NREL OpenMod Workshop

Hi All - I’d like to propose a session on model validation for the NREL 2019 workshop. Specifically, a discussion on what needs to be included in a published model study to consider the results/conclusions ‘valid’, and how do we confirm/check this.

I think open model and data is one piece that, to me, should be important to being able to decide if a study is valid, but I think there’s a lot of other components (and I’d like to hear others’ suggestions about what they look for and why). For example, is there a specific time slice structure or a specific way of modelling that needs to be included to show the results would work if the proposed system was built? How is this communicated/detailed/modeled?

This topic was discussed in previous workshops but with a slightly different focus (see links below).

Thanks, Taco…

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