Using weather data in AMIRIS

Are you using one weather timeseries for the whole simulation? Can I use weather series based on location? Is it known if this improves results?

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Renewable generation agents in AMIRIS use feed-in profiles (which can be constructed either from weather time series plus plant specifications, or deduced from actual feed-in time series divided by installed power). Each renewable agent can have its own feed-in profile, which is tied to the market region of that agent and an energy carrier. Since feed-in profiles are an input to AMIRIS, the simulation does not predetermine the aspects of the time series (e.g. technology level, location, …). You can create as many specific subsets (and related renewable agents) as you wish. An example for wind onshore powerplants in a market region:

  • One series for all powerplants
  • X series, split by powerplant installation year
  • Y series, split by location
  • X*Y series, split by location and installation year

The granularity of the simulation is thus fully controlled by the configuration and may impact the results. For example, depending on the policy regime, a more precise depiction of powerplants, their technologies and location can improve the simulation results, e.g., with respect to market value assessment.

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