Tools for online and remote collaboration

Tools alone don’t make great ideas. But they sure help us getting there.

Sure - everyone has per own favourite tool for different occassions.
The idea of this thread is to collect tool suggestions, to give feedback how the tools work out and to finally come up with ‘best tools’ for different occassions.

So whenever you have a tool you tried out and would recommend for an online do-a-thon, streaming a session, casting your screen, a NGO bridge meeting, you are invited to share it in this thread.

One restriction:

  • The tools should be available on all major platforms (linux/macos/windows)

Ideally also:

  • Participants should ideally be able to join and use the tool for free / without a registration to keep the entry barrier low.

Hopefully we can come up with a nice selection of low-entry / no-registration / data-friendly / usable tools for e.g. possible future online openmod workshops.

Video conferencing

  • , for free < 1000 participant video conference.
    Optional: screen sharing requires application download, landline call-in available.
    Registration: Only required for the host.

Simultaenous / collaborative writing

  • hackmd : Simultaneous markdown editing with a live preview, great for writing meeting
    minutes, taking notes collaboratively, collecting ideas.
    Registration: Optional for host.
    Remarks: Documents are not protected or permanent, no tracking of changes, self-hosting possible.

  • etherpad : Text editing with basic formatting, tracking of changes.
    Registration: -
    Remarks: Documents are not protected or permanent, self-hosting possible.

  • cryptpad : Markdown editor similar to hackmd and etherpad with chat function and password protected pads. Also allows for markdown presentations.
    Registration: Optional (for permanent pads created by the host)
    Remarks: Hosted by the German Pirate Party.

  • Google docs : Full power of the Google suite (presentation, spreadsheets, text editor), with tracking of changes and extensive collaboration features.
    Registration: Required for the host, optional for collaborators.
    Remarks: Might cause privacy concerns with the users.

Inspirations / suggestions to test

P.S.: While the wiki might be also appropriate for this thread, I feel it will get more attention in the forum ;-]

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