Time-derivative nominal capacity of powerlines in Oemof

Hi everybody,
I’m trying to model two regions in OEMOF, exchanging electricity with the powerlines (I’m using the “Link” component). I was wondering if it was possible to make the nominal capacity of the powerlines change for each hour of the simulation (with values defined by me as input), instead of having one constant value all the time.

The first approach i tried was to use the “fix” function, but in this way the energy exchanged is equal to a fixed value, instead of representing an “upper limit” of the power that can be exchanged between the two regions.
Is there a solution to implement this definition of the powerlines?

I hope to have correctly explained my problem and I thank you all in advance.

Thanks, Giuseppe

Hello Giuseppe,

I think you can use max for that purpose (series of numbers between 0 and 1) and set the nominal value so that nominal_value * max correspond to the upper limit for each timestep

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