The Open Source Sustainability Ecosystem - Report 2023

Hey OpenMod Folks,

It took us a while but with the help of a great community and many contributors we like to present you The Open Source Sustainability Ecosystem Report 2023: Link

The open source ecosystem analytics used for the report are based on the website. You will find the updated database with all projects (>1500) and organisation (>700) we used for this and further reports here: Link

The Linux Foundation Energy helped us with further marketing of the report and the creation of the PDF. Here is the associated link to the blog post of LF Energy: Link

Many great people from this community have supported us and I would like to say thank you in this way. This community and the mindset is really inspirational. When you read the report you will see that the openmod and the “#FreeTheModels” idea really had an important impact on this work.

We will now continue to work together with LF Energy on this and subsequent projects. I hope that we can build a whole accelerator program to promote and support open source in general over the whole area of sustainable technologies.

Within the next year we will also revise the website. An important step will be the topic Natural Language Processing (NPL). We are planning to process all READMEs for a much better categorization and labeling. This will help to discover and browse this ecosystem in a much better way. If anyone of you is interested in this issue or any other issue you are welcome to join our journey: Link

I am very interested in your feedback and how we can increase our impact.