The dogfood question: do openmoders reuse code?

Most openmoders eat their own dogfood of course. But do openmoders eat dogfood prepared by other openmoders? A recent poll shows 53% do. Although that result does not distinguish between code your supervisor wrote and foreign DNA.

  • Open Energy Modelling Initiative Berlin 2020 workshop
  • 17 January 2020
  • 58 people responded
  • multiple responses allowed (but not used)


Table format

Answer Response
Yes! 53%
No, I only trust my own coding 0%
No, coding myself is faster 3%
No, I didn’t know (when I started) that there was already a useful model/framework 5%
No, there was no existing tool for my dedicated research question 12%
No, I want to make novel academic work 7%
No, for other reasons 19%
sum 99%

Note also there was a survey‑design‑a‑thon at the June 2018 Zürich workshop but I am not aware that that work ever developed into a live survey.


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