Testing self-wiki


This is a test of the wiki features of the forum. Anybody should be able to edit this post. Please try and add your name below.

Tom Brown
Bryn Pickering

  • Berit can edit :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thanks everyone! OK, here’s a new challenge: can you also make a wiki from your post? It’s not very intuitive:

i) Create a post by replying to this thread.

ii) Click on the … below the post, then click on the spanner/wrench that appears and select “Make Wiki”.

It could be that you need a special permission level first…

Ok, I am trying to create a wiki out of this post
From the green symbol next to the time, it seems, it worked!

Perfect! And I (Tom) can also edit it. Hooray!

@tom_brown: on the question of user trust levels (what used to be known as authority), can we change some of the thresholds? For instance:

  • regular_requires_likes_received = 0
  • regular_requires_likes_given = 0

I don’t feel I have to like things to gain status. Sorry but I grew up with slide rules and punch cards and not iPhones and Instagram.

Hi Robbie, I totally agree with the sentiment, but at the moment everyone gets trust level 1 (including me) and I’ve enabled users with trust level 1 to do everything (new topics, wikis, etc.). The only distinction at the moment between users is the Admins, who get to create new categories. So there is no need to gain status anyway. if you want to create a new category, just drop me a line, or I can make you admin.

@tom_brown: It might be useful if I became an Admin. It would share the workload a little, although Discourse is designed to rely on community moderation to a large degree. I tend to mostly keep up with the traffic here and on the openmod mailing list. Unless of course anyone has an objection, in which case my status could be reversed. Robbie.

Hi Robbie, I have made you admin. Please just tell me if you make any big changes.

@tom_brown: Thanks. I don’t intend to do much beyond any simple maintenance tasks that might crop up. The first one might be to make a wiki post for a document giving feedback to the FSFS on their recent position paper. Admin rights are needed to do that. By way of experimentation, I will now make this a wiki post. The color should change. And it did: the color of the little edit icon in the top right is now green.

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