Technology investment decision

Hello friends of oemof,

for my dissertation I use oemof for one stage of my optimization algorithm (see here). In this stage it is important that oemof decides if it is more beneficial to use a chp or just a boiler.
With the current constraints, is it possible to let oemof decide between investing in two different converters? So in the end oemof can only invest in one of the two.

Thank you!

Hi @Luk,

Thanks for your question. Actually, I supervised a MSc student who had the same question. In the end, there were three approaches:

  • Use solph.Investment with an offset. This will not strictly rule out installation of both systems but models the (most important) reason why a decision between the two options is made: Even a very small component has a significant cost, so there is an incentive to minimise the number of components.
  • Run two models (one with CHP, one with boiler) and decide based on the result.
  • Implement a shared limit using a custom constraint. (There is Generic Invest limit but this would not directly enforce either/or.)


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