Tagging your topic

It’s important to tag your topic so that it can be easily found, by people who want to help solve certain problems or those who are looking to ask similar questions. Tagging can be done by adding in the necessary keywords when you create your topic into the text-box just above “Create Topic”.

Tags will be suggested in the tag text-box, but you can see all the available ones in the forum tag list.

We are following the StackOverflow tagging etiquette, which can be found in full here.

The basic rules are:

  • Maximum 5 tags
  • No spaces (use hyphens) and no capital letters
  • No meta-tags/subjective tags: for instance good-practice is a poor choice
  • Avoid tags in title unless “organic to the conversational tone”
  • Use abbreviations only if very common: ccs for carbon capture and storage (CCS) but agent-based-modelling and not abm
  • British English (is there a consensus on this?)

Only a few people can add new tags to the system, so post on here with suggestions of tags, if you’ve found yourself limited by what’s available. We’ve created this step to ensure we don’t get flooded with many tags which basically mean the same thing.

If the tags seem a little off, then you might find them edited by an admin. You can also edit your topic later to update the tags if necessary.

Some examples of tagging:

Title: "Describing a ground source heat pump in OEMOF"
Content: “I’m using OEMOF to model a district energy system, but can’t work out how to include temperature feedback and ground loop costing” + maybe a code block of what you’ve tried so far (or a minimal working example)
Tags: heat-pump, milp, oemof, heat

Title: "Uploading a dataset to an open platform"
Content: "I have a large dataset which is a collection of many datasets, which come under a variety of licenses. I’d like to share the work, but don’t know how! Is OEDB the best place to put it? If so, how do I deal with smoothing out the licenses and uploading it?"
Tags: dataset, oedb, licencing

R E Q U E S T E D    T A G S
editable wikipost

Tags can be hierarchical, at least to the level of subheadings and tags.

  • languages
  • mathprog (for completeness, seeing we have ampl and gams)
  • economics
  • markets
  • prices
  • costs
  • nodal-pricing
  • model-types
  • agent-based-modelling
  • hybrid-modelling

Hi Robbie, it would be great if we could subhead these, so there’s some context to them! They can also then be put into tag groups based on those subheadings

Hi Robbie, is possible to add a “balmorel” tag to the forum? We (the Balmorel Community) would like to start using the Q&A section of the forum for Balmorel questions.

@olexandr The use of tagging on this site is more liberal than the defaults that the discourse software ships with. In particular:

  • new users (trust level 0) can create tags
  • new users (trust level 0) can apply tags
  • maximum tags per topic = 5
  • force tags to be lower case = true

We also have a convention of hyphenating everything but that is not enforced by the software.

You can find the current list of tags and their frequency of use here.

Discourse also supports the notion of tag groups but, in the interests of simplicity, no one is currently using that feature. But @brynpickering above suggests the concept could be useful. We could indeed revisit the idea if it might be useful? Comments?

So, in summary, you should, in theory, be able to make your very own balmorel tag! Actually the tag exists, I just checked. So just apply it!

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