Survey on the representation of flexibility options in open energy models

Following the first round of ligthning talks, were we already introduced the idea of our research, we would like to present our survey on the representation of flexibility options in open energy models.

To summarise it, we are working on a review paper in which we want to evaluate the current status of implementation as well as future planned features. The focus lies on flexibility options, how they are implemented in the models and which technologies or parameters might be underrepresented in the modelling landscape.

We are now looking for developers / users who are willing to contribute to our survey by answering questions about “your” energy system model or simulation tool.

If you are interested, here is all you need to know:

  • Your data is safe with us and you can remain anonymous
  • The survey takes about 30 min
  • The survey covers general information on the model, the overall representation of flexibility options and further specifications of certain technologies
  • You can find the questionnaire attached to this post (please contact us if you need a version compatible with Microsoft Word)
  • Please fill out as much as possible, but do not hesitate to leave blanks as not every question can be answered exactly for every model
  • In case of any questions, we are happy to guide you through the survey

We are looking forward to your input and help!

Short introduction of research: 2020_03_26_Empirical_research_on_flexibility_options_in_open_energy_models.pdf (363.5 KB)

Questonnaire: Survey_flexibility_options_in_open_energy_models.odt (33.9 KB)

Hey Anya,

What is the deadline for filling in the survey?



Hi Dominik,

we would like to start the evaluation by the end of the coming week. Does that work for you or do you need more time for filling it out?


That’s great, thanks!

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