Solar-thermal with water storage

hello everyone. i have to modelling a completly house. i done the most things. But i have a problem to model Solarthermal with a waterstorage. Did Someone modelling something like that.

iam sorry for the english

Hi @yasin51 The now defunct deeco model was used to investigate domestic heat supply using, in some cases, seasonal storage via large temperature‑stratified water tanks. The source code, documentation, and schematics are now on GitHub under their respective subdirectories. See, in particular, the main manual (Bruckner 2001), unfortunately in German but the key equations should be there. All associated publications are listed here in various bibliographic formats. Of particular interest would be, I image, Lindenberger et al (2000). Let me know if you need a simplified building thermal performance model and I can forward you one offline. A typical system is shown below for orientation. HTH, R.



Bruckner, Thomas (2001). Benutzerhandbuch ‘‘deeco’’ — Version 1.0. Berlin, Germany: Institut für Energietechnik, Technische Universität Berlin.

Lindenberger, Dietmar, Thomas Bruckner, Helmuth-M Groscurth, and Reiner Kümmel (2000). “Optimization of solar district heating systems: seasonal storage, heat pumps, and cogeneration”. Energy. 25 (7): 591–608. doi:10.1016/S0360-5442(99)00082-1.

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