Senior, postdoc and PhD positions at new Iberian Centre for Research in Energy Storage (CIIAE)

Dear openmod community,

The Iberian Centre for Research in Energy Storage (CIIAE) invites applications for energy system modelling at the senior, postdoc and PhD levels. This search focuses on excellence and previous achievements. Overall:

  • 1 senior, 1 postdoc and 2 PhD students for energy system modelling

Specific positions, requirements and conditions of employment can be found in the CIIAE webpage. Salaries are very competitive, and we offer long-term prospects for senior researchers, and a more than 2 year contract for postdocs. A description of CIIAE is given below. You can also find specific posts at the openmod openings.

Friday 4th of November was a key date for CIIAE, since Spain and Portugal signed an agreement to set up CIIAE, located in Cáceres (Extremadura), as an international organisation like the INL. CIIAE will develop new batteries, hydrogen, power-to-X and thermal technologies to facilitate the integration of renewable energy technologies.

CIIAE aims to be a centre of excellence in research, development and application of energy storage and hydrogen technologies to facilitate the integration of renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Research will cover lab and modelling work at various scales and Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs), as well as including innovative pilot plants. CIIAE provides a stimulating research environment to work on some of today’s most pressing energy, environmental and societal challenges. Candidates will benefit from large network including research centres and companies in the Iberian peninsula and abroad.

CIIAE is being built in the beautiful city of Cáceres. Caceres in a Unesco heritage city located close to the Portuguese border (100 km). This magical and medieval city, which was a location of King’s Landing in Game of Thrones, is famous for its history, food culture, fizzing modern art, and quality of life while being cheap to live in. Caceres is located in the region of Extremadura, which is a perfect spot for nature-related activities such as hiking, cycling and outdoor swimming, with skiing also being available within 1.5 hr. Half way between Madrid and Lisbon, beautiful beaches from Spain and Portugal are also reachable within 4 hr for a weekend getaway.

In this context, we are recruiting researchers with talent and passion in the coming weeks and months to perform lab and modelling work at various scales and TRLs, including community energy modelling. Also, some of the jobs can offer long-term prospects, which would be the case for the senior candidates.

For a previous example of another Iberian Centre, you can check the INL.

Best regards,

Dr. David Parra Mendoza

Head of Hydrogen and Power-to-X department

Iberian Centre for Research in Energy Storage

(+34) 618 040 515