Seeking global data source for georeferenced CO2 emissions of industrial sites

Hello together,

I am looking for georeferenced CO2 emissions of sites of energy-intensive industry sectors on a global scale. Besides the EU-ETS and the E-PRTR, I found the Hotmaps projects covering EU28, but no project covering the global scale.
Anyone knows of such a project?

If such a comprehensive overview of energy-intensive industry sectors on a global scale is not available, I would also be interested in open-source sectoral databases covering the global scale.

During my research I came across the following data sources:

I am glad for any hint or advice. Thanks!


There’s the JRC EDGAR emissions data, which is spatially explicit but not resolved to sites:

There’s also some interesting work coming out of the CGFI project, towards global asset level datasets:

I’m interested in sites/gridded data on sectoral activity too, if other pointers come up in this thread - for energy demand estimation and GDP localisation as well as emissions.

All the best!

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