Seeking an energy + python literate technical writer

Hi y’all,

We’re applying to the Google Season of Docs to improve the PUDL documentation, and we’ve never worked with a technical writer before, so we’re looking for recommendations! Both of how to do so effectively, and of individual technical writers we might work with. This would be an external contract job, for between $5-15K (USD), and it could be someone from other parts of the world, not just the US. Timeframe is July-Nov 2024.

We’ve outlined potential projects in this GitHub discussion. I think we’re leaning toward number 3, which is a higher level rationalization of our documentation, ensuring it’s logically laid out, internally self-consistent, not duplicative, organized using best-practices of reference vs. tutorial styles. It’s grown up somewhat organically over the last 5+ years.

Everything under the hood is Python based (MIT licensed), mostly data engineering to create open energy data products (CC-BY-4.0 licensed) for use by energy system modelers, policymakers, and other folks who probably already have some level of domain knowledge, but might or might not have deep python / data / software engineering knowledge.

We were selected to participate in the Google Season of Docs! So this is a real project now with a little money behind it. Does anybody here do technical writing around energy/data stuff? Or know someone who does?