Scenario representation

I post this tag under open data because a big part of scenario representation is the data involved.
THough presenting scenarios is beyond data and point of discussion between people using results of energy system analyses. How can the scenarios be comparable? How to see the differences and the similarities between scenarios from different “providers”?
My question is if anybody knows a group who tries to develop common ways (guidelines) to represent scenarios in energy system analyses. Or if you even know existing guidelines.
I’m aware of a VDI group discussing that. But I imagine that researchers in different countries are discussing the same and we could maybe link that.

Hello Berit. Module 1 of the German economics ministry long-term and climate scenarios projects suite covers scenario architectures (on the basis of the title). The IPCC have a long history of forming scenarios and storylines by consensus — perhaps this has also been written up?

I suggest we create a new category Scenario analysis described thus: “For discussing scenario analysis, scenario formation, scenario typology, and individual scenarios where appropriate.” The open data category is quite broad already and a new category seems appropriate. HTH, Robbie

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