Sandbox for trialing markup

This topic is for trialing markdown markup.

Normally I would use the discourse sandbox, reset each day, for this purpose. But the rendering on this instance of discourse differs from that on the sandbox site. In particular, I am trying to get the GFM table extension working.

Other are free to experiment here too. Remember that deleted postings are not actually removed from the database. Rather their content is blanked and they are shown collapsed.

Heading one Heading two
content content
content content

Here is how this exact same markup renders on

Heading one Heading two
content content
content content

Seems it’s fixed now with the new discourse version!

trialling the escaping of asterisks for multiplication: *

trialing maths markup

maths markup: \eta_\text{th,2}

which does not render on this site

here is a screenshot of that same markup rendering properly on


Update / 26 December 2017

A discourse MathJax plugin is required:

  • the old plugin was upgraded in July 2017
  • the new plugin is described here

But that is odd, this site already has the following plugin:

  • MathJax support for Discourse  /  version = 0.4.1  /  enabled = Y

Lets try something very simple: $x_i$ or x_i. Nope. That is broken.

Update / 05 January 2018

Just fixed the MathJax URL:

x Nope!

Update / 14 January 2018

Upgrade of Discourse to 2.0.0

x Not this time either!

Let’s try some latex: $x$ and see if it works.

And again x_y is my favourite subscript; E=mc^2 is my favourite equation, but not so much as

e^{i\pi} + 1 = 0

Euler, you’re the best!

Test LaTeX again: \int_{-\infty}^0 e^xdx = 1.

\sum_{n=1}^\infty \frac{1}{n^2} = \frac{\pi^2}{6}

Tom test whether the forum is read-only.

Is it still working? Tom tests again. Perhaps in vain to get 20 characters?

External party test to see if the HTTP 403 error persists or not.

Footnote trial

Some flavors of markdown support footnotes, such as pandoc. Lets see if these work here. The markup is as follows:

^[Inline footnote.]
^[a] then ^[a]: Separated footnote.

Text text.^[Inline footnote.] Text text.^[a]

^[a]: Separated footnote.

Okay, markdown footnotes are not supported here. But they can be faked using an HTML <sup> construction.

Text text.1

1. HTML footnote.

But note that the footnote itself (check the source) is preceded by <!-- --> to prevent a numbered list from being rendered instead.

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