Resources to Teach Energy System Modelling to student with limited tech support (no laptop or computer)

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I just recently joined this forum. Thanks to moderator who has approved my membership.
I am a lecturer in Papua, Indonesia. I plan to teach introduction to energy system modelling this term. I am looking for resources to teach this topic to students that have no access to computer (lab/pc/laptop). Although most of my students have smartphone. Eventually they will have access to computer but in order to deal with current situation, is there any open energy modelling tool that has been developed that can be used for teaching without the use of pc or laptop?
For your information, last term I used free version of Pydroid3 (python run in Android) where my student can install it in their smartphone to teach my student introduction to programming with python (here is sample of class lecture deliver in Bahasa Indonesia.
I’ve been thinking to use the same tool to introduce energy system modelling. However, there are few limitations with free Pydroid3 such that it can not install library such as pandas to work with data.

I appreciate any suggestions.

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Department of Energy System Engineering
International University of Papua

Hello @korinus This posting on a new educational model might be of interest: Grenoble workshop 2024: posters - #16 by RobinGirard. I don’t know if the model can run on mobile devices or may be offered via the web. Note too that there is another well established project also named LEAP, so don’t confuse the two. HTH, R

Hi @korinus!

Maybe the open_plan tool may help? It is a GUI built on oemof-solph, where you can drag and drop elements of your energy system. I am not sure how big of a model you can run online, but it may be worth a try. I mostly think of this tool because you do not need programming (personally, I’d fear programming on my smartphone, but the students may be more skillful in that than me).