Residential and commercial air conditioning loads

Dear Openmoders,

Are you aware of:

  1. Alternative / more detailed forecasts of annual air-conditioning load in Europe apart from the following IEA study? (“The_Future_of_Cooling”)

  2. Open models / load curves to simulate the shape of electricity load from air-conditioning for different types of buildings?

Note: there were two related discussions, but they seemed to focus on heat demand:

or temperature dependent coefficiencts of (heating, fridges etc):

Rather than the demand for air conditioning itself (? unless I misread the posts).
Anyways, feel free to point to posts in these discussions if they are equally relevant.

I don’t know the answer to your question, but in case someone needs access to the IEA study, here is also a direct link:

Hi Christian,

The project Heat Roadmap Europe could have some useful data. For example, you can find future cooling annual consumption for 14 countries in this report in table 11 (from page 41).

Best wishes,

Many thanks! I will forward the links to our modelers and see, if they have further questions!
Feel free to keep posting, if you want to add further models / scenarios to the list! :slight_smile:

Hi Christian.

In regards to Q2, you can extract hourly simulated energy load profiles from EnergyPlus using various building models and weather data. There are freely available reference building models available such as I mentioned it in a open mod forum post -!topic/openmod-initiative/W5ISCpb14Ps

Hope that helps,



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