Research Software Engineer position at Princeton to work on open source energy systems models

Are you a software engineer with a background in computational research? Do you want to help enable and advance groundbreaking computational research in open-source macro-scale energy systems modeling? If yes, come work with me at Princeton’s ZERO Lab! We’re hiring!

In this position, you will be an integral member of both the RSE Group and the Zero-carbon Energy Systems Research and Optimization Laboratory (ZERO Lab, led by Prof. Jesse D. Jenkins) focused on cutting-edge computational research in sustainable energy systems. You will contribute to the research team by developing efficient and scalable research code and by providing computational expertise in software development, algorithm selection, and optimization. You will manage and develop multiple open-source research codes, mentor and train students and postdocs on the research team on modern research software engineering practices, and help maintain and support vibrant communities of users and contributors to the group’s open-source software projects. Research Software Engineers II work closely with a team of researchers and Research Software Engineers to leverage their communication and problem-solving skills to build complete software solutions crucial to the advancement of research.


Prof. Jesse Jenkins
Princeton University

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