Research software engineer developing and maintaining PyPSA

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Are you a software engineer who wants to help the energy transition?

Then come to TU Berlin and work on one of the leading open source energy modelling frameworks PyPSA. PyPSA is used around the world by various research institutes, network operators, consultancies, governmental and non‑governmental organisations to understand future energy infrastructure requirements for reaching climate neutrality.


  • application deadline: 15 March 2024
  • duration: 3 years

The position is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) via its research software funding initiative. In this position, you will perform regular software maintenance tasks, improve the user-friendliness of the PyPSA toolbox, work towards enhanced test coverage and better validation of all functionality, develop new functionality to improve accessibility (e.g. extended plotting or summary routines), extend training materials and documentation, review and integrate community contributions, support the user and developer communities, simplify and refactor parts of the code base, prepare new software releases, and organise annual user meetings. As part of your responsibilities, you will also represent recent software developments at community events like PyCon and workshops of the Open Energy Modelling Initiative.

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One week left to apply :slight_smile: